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The Best of Kay Smith -MP3-USB Flash Drive:

The Word For Today is pleased to present a flash drive of audio Bible studies by Kay Smith, titled, A Collection of Cherished Messages.

Kay Smith has a special place in her heart to teach and encourage women to live for Jesus and to please God in their everyday activities. With over 60 years of ministry, these messages will refresh your heart and inspire you to love God more and to be an example of Christ to others.

This 8 GB Flashdrive includes 93 audio messages of some of Kay's most cherished messages to women.

Messages originally given from approx. 1980-2000.

What others are saying:
Kay Smith changed my life. Her teachings encouraged me to want more of Jesus. I fell in love with Jesus in a deeper way through her teaching and mentoring. Listen to her heart as she reveals the heart of the Lord. You will be exhorted, challenged, and encouraged.

When I first heard Kay, I was driving in my car. She was teaching about raising children, and I actually had to pull over to the side of the road. I was so moved that it brought me to tears because I needed to repent. That day impacted my life to be who I am today.

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