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Israel Tour with Pastor Chuck - DVD Set: This DVD Set studies the richness of the Hebrew culture and homeland; from their feasts to their covenants with God, from the ark of the covenant to the Temple Mount, from the wilderness to the Promised Land.

This DVD series includes Bible tours in:
Beth-Shemesh approx. 40 mins
Bethshan approx. 27 mins
Caesarea approx. Philippi 20 mins.
Caesarea approx. 15 mins.
Capernaum approx. 20 mins
Ein Gedi approx. 20 mins
Elah Valley approx. 10 mins
Emmaus approx. 13 mins
Gadarenes approx. 20 mins
Gideon’s Springs approx. 21 mins
Joppa approx. 23 mins
Megiddo approx. 32 mins
Mount Beatitutdes approx. 24 mins
Mount Carmel approx. 7 mins
Mount of Olives approx. 28 mins
Shiloh approx. 12 mins
Tel Dan approx. 22 mins

Additional Information:
Recorded from various trips from 90's and 2000's Israel Tour with Pastor Chuck
4 DVD set of 17 tour locations.

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