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Galatians In-Depth Commentary - MP3:
The Fruit of the Spirit or the works of the Law?

THE BOOK OF GALATIANS, written by the Apostle Paul, sets us free from legalism and brings us into a living relationship with God through faith. All may come freely unto God on the basis of God's love and grace, and not on the grounds of our good merit or works. Attempts to become righteous by obedience to the law cannot compare to the powerful gospel of grace.

In this in-depth Bible study, Pastor Chuck Smith teaches the importance of justification by faith, the position of liberty, and the fruit of the Spirit.

Studies include:
Paul's greetings
No other gospel
Paul's conversion
Meeting at Jerusalem
The confronting of Peter
Justified by faith
Crucified with Christ
Alive in Christ
The Spirit received by faith
Abraham's example
The law our schoolmaster
Results of faith
The bondage of the law
Our adoption as sons
Heirs of God
Freedom of faith
Allegory of the law and faith
Standing fast in liberty
Proper use of liberty
Love fulfills the law
Walking in the Spirit
Works of the flesh defined
The fruit of the Spirit defined
Restoring the fallen
Sowing and reaping
Glorying in the cross
Paul's benediction

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