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Fruit in the Life of the Believer - CD Pack:

Without love, the things we do for the Lord profit nothing. This series will help you examine the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Those who "abide in" Jesus will bring forth "much fruit" for that's the work of the Holy Spirit on the believer's life. God did not send His Son to save us so that we could be idle. His desire is that we bear "much fruit" to glorify Him. Over and over, the Scriptures direct us to probe our hearts and consider our ways. We should judge ourselves to make sure we are in a right standing with God.

Let us ask the Lord to examine the fruit in our lives. Is it acceptable? We should look at our fruit through the eyes of Jesus. It should be a work that exalts God and not us. Only then will the fruit be pleasing to our Lord Jesus Christ. Without Love, it profits nothing.

Contains 6 messages by Pastor Chuck pertaining to an essential area of fruit such as:

Proof of Love
The Fruit of the Spirit
Enjoying the Fruit
Peace that Surpasses Understanding
Joy of the Lord
Works Verses Fruit

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