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Grace in the Life of the Believer - CD Pack:

Grace is hope for the sinner. Join Pastor Chuck as he teaches the key to knowing and accepting Godís grace.

Sin is like the disease of leprosy-incurable. Completely painless, leprosy kills the nerves. Likewise, sin deadens us to the fact that we are killing spiritually. God's grace is the only hope for the sinner-that's what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. What is impossible for a man, having the guilt of sin taken away, is possible for the Lord

You have been forgiven and restored. You can be cleansed, washed, and made as white as snow. One touch from Jesus from Jesus takes it all away. One Divine act of grace freed you from sin's power. You can manifest this gift in your life, sharing it with the world.

Contains 6 messages by Pastor Chuck pertaining to an essential area of grace which are:

God's Grace
Riches of Grace
All Sufficient Grace
Overwhelmed by Grace
Saved by Grace
The Gospel of Grace

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