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Servants Call : Servanthood - Vol 1 MP3:

Volume 1: Servanthood
23 MP3 messages

Messages include:

Brian Brodersen- An Abiding Relationship With Christ
Romaine- Being a Servant
Steve Mays- Being Content
Skip Heitzig- Bitterness and Hatred,br> Chuck Smith- Burden For the Ministry
Chuck Smith- Characteristics of a Servant
Greg Laurie- Encouragement for the Troubled Heart
Damian Kyle- Faithfulness
Chuck Smith- The Gift of Ministry
Don McClure- Greed in the Ministry
David Hocking- The Lust of the Flesh
Skip Heitzig- Our Identification With Christ
Chuck Smith- The Requirements of Ministry
Jon Courson- Self-Promotion in Ministry
Gayle Erwin- Servanthood Pt 1
Gayle Erwin- Servanthood Pt 2
Gayle Erwin- Servanthood Pt 3
Chuck Smith- Suffering For God's Glory
Chuck Smith- The Jealousy of Others' Ministries
Wayne Taylor- The Supremacy of Love
Mike MacIntosh- Unbelief
Gayle Erwin- Values in Ministry
Jon Courson- What Mattered to Our Master

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