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Maranatha Series Box Set - CD Set:

This set includes Maranatha Albums 1 – 7 CD’s

In the early 1970s several bands began experiencing new life in Jesus Christ and God began giving them what became known as “Jesus Music” through which they could express their love for Him. The music was new and fresh and brought the listener into the presence of God. As you listen to the series of what came to be called the "Maranatha Albums produced between 1971 and 1980, now re-mastered, digitally enhanced and sounding better than ever, you will immediately sense the pure uncompromising joy of new faith and calling.

Maranatha Album 1 - "The Everlasting Living Jesus"
Tracks include:
Little Country Church
In Jesus' Name
Something More
Two Roads
Holy, Holy, Holy
The Shepherd
Behold, I Stand At The Door
If You Will Believe
For Those Tears

Maranatha Album 2
Tracks Include:
Come Quickly Jesus
Jesus Is All That We Need
The Son In My Life
Never Knew The Day
He Lives
The Peace That Passes Understanding
Jesus Is The One
Ballad Of Luke Warm
Can I Show You

Maranatha Album 3 - "Rejoice in the Lord"
Tracks Include:
Happy In Jesus
God Don't Care Who You Are
Why Art Thou Disquieted
I'll Never Leave You
Plan of Love
I'll Never Be Lonely
Psalm 42
Big City Blues
Nursery Rhyme

Maranatha Album 4
Tracks Include:
Since I Met Jesus
All I Know
Pearly Mansions
So Much
Pickin' Up The Pieces
Have You Ever Heard
The Holy Spirit Song
Bird In A Golden Sky
Old Gray Ford
Jesus Is Standing Here

Maranatha Album 5
Tracks Include:
Ain't Gonna Fight It
Sidney the Pirate
Something Happened to You
So Much Love
Bright and Shinning Son
Colden Ages
Psalm 5

Maranatha Album 6
Tracks Include:
Beautiful Day
Perfect Will
Somebody Loves You
Who Makes The Lonely
He Gave Me Love
The Plain Truth
Desert Song
Father's Arms
Sail Away

Maranatha Album 7
Tracks Include:
Love is the Key
Spiritual Equation
He's Always There
Don't Worry
I'll Just Depend on Him
Death Couldn't Keep My Jesus Down
Glory to God
Walking on the Water
Old Age
He'll be Coming in the Clouds

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