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2012 Mens' Conference - DVD w/MP3: Men on Fire

The Word for Today would like to encourage all men to watch this year’s men’s conference entitled "Men on Fire."

Samuel 10:26 which reads, “And Saul also went home to Gibeah; and valiant men went with him, whose hearts God had touched.”

There is nothing more exciting than being around a group of valiant men whose hearts have been touched by God. It is an explosive situation. When Jesus touched the hearts of His disciples, they turned the world upside down.

We pray that at this conference, God will touch your heart—to move you to be brave and valiant, to step outside your comfort zone in these last days to boldly proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to the world!

Oh, how we need to have our hearts touched by God. Anything can happen then!

Speakers Include:

Chuck Smith
Brian Brodersen
Ebo Elder
Ken Graves
Jack Hibbs
Pancho Juarez
Carl Kery
John Randall
Raul Ries
Dave Rolph
David Rosales
Ken Sutton

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