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2012 Pastors Conference
Christ the Heart of the Ministry - DVD w/MP3:

The theme for this year’s pastors conference is “Christ, the Heart of the Ministry” taken from 2 Corinthians. Without Christ we can do nothing and our sufficiency is completely in Him. Remembering and living in Christ is the only way we will be able to continue in the Spirit—what the Lord has begun in the Spirit.

May each of us experience that special touch from the Lord and may He bless, exhort, refresh and encourage us as we eagerly await to hear from Him.

And … may the Lord give us ears to hear!

Messages include:

The Comfort of Christ: Chuck Smith
Triumphant in Christ: David Guzik
The All Sufficiency of Christ: Robert Furrow
The Glory of Christ: Damian Kyle
Our Future With Christ: Ed Taylor
Reconciled Through Christ: Levi Lusko
Living For Christ: Bill Ritchie
Persevering Through Christ: Wayne Taylor
Generosity of Christ: Jeff Johnson
Victory Through Christ: John Randall
Suffering For Christ: Rick Coburn
The Grace of Christ: Chuck Smith

Workshops: by various Calvary pastors

Social media: Josh Turansky
Employment issues: Golnar Folzi
Legal updates: Roger Wing
Ministry nuts and bolts: Greg Laurie & Brian Brodersen
Marriage: Louis Neely
Mission share times

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