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2012 Breaking Through Conference - DVD w/MP3:

In this DVD you will hear extreme testimonies from women that have personally experienced extreme issues from self-harm and personal violations to suicidal tendencies.

Messages include:

Abortion. “After two abortions, I tried to numb the pain with a pursuit of Hollywood, parties, drugs, alcohol and sex. Then my pursuit led me to the One who had all the answers.” —Lisa Musil

Fatal. “I lived a life of chaos from alcoholism and homosexuality to strip clubs and gang affiliation. But rather than getting imprisonment or a death sentence, my outcome broke the bound of statistics.” —Hannah Parks

There Must be Blood. “Before I could think twice, my blood spilled to the carpet below me. The drawing of my own blood began to bring feeling back into my world of sadness and emptiness, until it went further than that—it just wasn’t my own.” —Kelsey Stephen

Suicide. “My gaze turned to the railroad tracks, where the cops couldn’t see me, If I ever wanted to end my life now, this would be the chance. But someone was watching me—closer than I ever imagined.” —Kristen Anderson

One Day, One Choice. “It was just a seemingly, harmless choice that I made one day that devastated my life to darkness, despair and death. But that day led to another day, and another choice that I had to make.” —Michele Garvin

I Thought My Soul was Sold. “He yanked my hair and beat my head on the divider, but I wrestled free and ran. As I staggered into the gas station I caught my reflection in the window. I was a bloody, broken hopeless mess and his words echoed in my head, ‘You’ll always be a prostitute.’”—Tiffany Mester

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