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The Reason and Faith - DVD/MP3: A Challenge Addressed to Atheists, Skeptics and Believers

What’s So Great about Christianity? by Dinesh D’Souza
Dinesh D’Souza proposes a confrontation to all people: “Is there enough evidence for an educated intellectual to really believe the Bible?” Join Dinesh as he clarifies the atheists and skeptics’ debate opposing Christianity, and then solidifies his answers using the discoveries of modern science and scholarship.

Need God? What If I Don't? by Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Join Ravi Zacharias for his special message, “Need God? What if I Don’t?” as he explains why God is more than a psychological crutch for the weak-minded. Ravi also addresses why a successful and independent living style fades in comparison to knowing the eternal Truth found in God.

The Inerrancy of the Word of God by Norman Geisler
Today there exists a very liberal modernist’s view that the Bible is not the true, accurate, and actual inspired Word of God. For this reason, Norman Geisler puts forth the historicity of the Bible and topics related to the inerrancy of the Scriptures. This lecture offers a challenge to everyone to research the facts presented.

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